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Kyocera Taskalfa with options


A finisher provides additional features and functionality to the copies or prints produced by the copier. 

For example;

  • Stapler
  • Hole Punch
  • Sorter
  • Collator
  • Booklet
  • Folding
  • Mailbox

Document Processor

Improves document workflow and helps automate and streamline the handling of documents. It's generally suitable for lower capacity work than a finisher.

  • Scanning & OCR
  • Automatic Document feeder
  • Sorting
  • Duplex
  • Collation

Paper feeder

Handles automatic feeding of multiple pages for scanning, copying, or faxing without the need for manual page-by-page handling.

Moderate capacity to very high capacity options are available.

Different bins can be used for different paper types and sizes.

Inner finishers & trays

Inner finishers and shift trays can sort, stack and finish documents, but at lower capacity than a dedicated finisher.

  • Sort
  • Stack
  • Staple
  • Hole Punch

Large Capacity Feeder

This large capacity feed deck can accommodate 3,500 sheets. It requires a a double feeder to be installed alongside it.

Other Options

A variety of other options can be installed such as numeric key pads as shown here, and security and user ID technology.

Chosen Addons

DP-7140. Low speed type doucment processer for max. 50 sheets.

High speed type doucment processer for max. 140 sheets

Duplex scanning and copying for up to 320 sheets.

Duplex scanning and copying for up to 320 sheets with multi feed detection and staple detection.

Platen Cover Type(E)
Platen cover to secure originals on the platen glas

Double 600-sheet paper feeder.

1,750 sheets (64g / m2) x 2 rows paper feeders set.

Large-capacity paper feed deck that accommodates 3,500 sheets (64g / m2)

Sorts and stacks output copies as seperated sets per different jobs.

Supports output up to 500 sheets. It also offers shift-sorting and stapling, and with additional punching option.

1000-sheet finisher. Supports shift-sorting and stapling, with optional punch unit.

Stacking up to 4,000 sheets. Supports 2-tray sorting, shift-sorting and stapling, with optional punch unit, booklet folder, and Z-fold unit.

Stacking up to 4,000 sheets. Supports 2-tray sorting, shift-sorting and 3 types of 100-sheet stapling. with optional punch unit, booklet folder, and Z-fold unit.

Device for Z-fold output.
* AK-7120 is required for configuration.
* Cannot configurate with IS-7100.
* Only for 60ppm/70ppm models.

Inserter for adding different media as separator pages and covers.

Mailbox for DF-7140.

Booklet folder for DF-7140.

Printer Speed

Choose how fast you need the printer. This will automatically select a printer model capable of the speed chosen.

Included Pages per Month

Every month you can print documents below these settings at no additional cost. Pages printed on top of this will be charged for at our excess page rate.

Document Processor Upgrades

A document processor automates the process of scanning or copying multiple pages without the need for manual input.This can save significant time and effort, particularly when dealing with large volumes of documents.

Paper Feeder Upgrades

A paper feeder upgrade involves adding more capacity to photocopier to hold and automatically feed more sheets of paper. This is done by adding additional paper trays or cassettes to the machine.

Inner Finishers & Shift Trays

These upgrades automate tasks such as stapling, hole punching, and sorting documents right within the machine.

Includes AK-7110 attachment kit. Required when configuring with a finisher.

Finisher Upgrades

A finisher is an add-on component that provides additional document finishing capabilities beyond just printing or copying. These capabilities can include stapling, hole punching, folding, and even binding documents into booklets.

Internal Upgrades

Upgrades to the heart of the machine that expand capabilities like FAX, security, storage and more.

Note; these are not shown as chosen addons since they are internal.

Other Upgrades

Print speed:

Mono pages: .

Colour pages:

Printer model selected: Kyocera 2554ci

Printer model selected: Kyocera 3554ci

Printer model selected: Kyocera 4053ci

Printer model selected: Kyocera 5053ci

Printer model selected: Kyocera 6053ci


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