Eco-friendly printing

Let's save the planet, one printer at a time. We can buck the trend and be the ones to start to make a difference.

Together, we can all work towards a sustainable world


It starts with the little things. Kyocera printers are widely regarded as some of the most eco-friendly printers on the market and are market leaders in eco-friendly print solutions.

Here's some of the reasons that we love Kyocera.

Climate Neutral Printing

With Kyocera's 'Climate Neutral Program' they have provided energy-efficient cooking stoves to families in Kenya and with this, over 120,000 tonnes of CO2 have been offset since 2013.

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Climate Neutral Printing
Eco-friendly toner

Eco-friendly toner

Our new toner ‘fuses’ on the page and prints at a lower temperature, reducing printer power consumption by up to half.

Long-life technology

Our long-life components save resources, such as amorphous silicon drums with a lifetime up to 4,800,000 prints, double conventional drums.

Long Life Resources
Eco friendly packaging

Eco-friendly packaging

A new packaging material made of moulded pulp to protect the printer paper feeders during shipment has won a Technical Packaging Award.

Toner-only innovation

Kyocera designed the first printers to use a toner-only system, avoiding the need to replace plastic cartridges, reducing environmental impact.

Toner only

Kyocera is part of the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.

Innovation to protect our planet

Kyocera is committed to a more sustainable future.

Less waste, long-life, low cost

Our ECOSYS printers create less waste and have the lowest cost per print against comparable devices. We were the first to develop a cartridge-free system for laser printers and we focus our innovative thinking on reducing environmental impact (Ecology), minimising running costs (Economy), and ensure effortless integration with information networks (Systems).

See the light

Kyocera views solar as crucial for the future of our society. We are innovating to reduce our planet’s dependence on conventional energy sources, with ideas such as floating solar power plants to solar ventilation in the Toyota Prius.

We practice what we preach

We purify water used in our factories so that it’s cleaner when we’ve finished with it than the water in the public water supply. We work hard to make our factories and offices ‘green’, with rooftop solar power systems and ‘green curtains’ planted to grow over windows and outer walls, helping reduce our energy consumption. We also contribute to biodiversity conservation

Learn more about Kyocera's global environmental policy

Metro Copiers
Tree Planting Promise


We want to help be on the right side when it comes to making a difference.

We have made a pledge and commitment that for every printer leased through Metro Copiers, we work towards reducing the environmental impact through local tree-planting projects.