KYOCERA...Print to the beat of a different drum


The KYOCERA difference

Award winning reliability and suburb quality output
Lower on-going printing costs.
Less machine downtime and greater departmental productivity.
Long-life consumables designed to minimise environmental impact.

Compelling Reasons To Choose Kyocera



While we’re a Japanese multinational steeped in tradition, at KYOCERA, we do things differently. We design and build our products to ensure they’re environmentally responsible, durable and cost less to run. Our unique long-life ECOSYS technology is the key point of difference, delivering significant benefits to you and the environment.

Unique long-life technology

KYOCERA’s long-life drum technology is simply outstanding. The extreme hardness of our amorphous silicon drums delivers a lifespan 30 to 50 times longer compared to previous OPC (Organic Photo Conductor) technology. It’s this technology that is at the core of our product range, delivering substantial benefits to customers and the environment.

  • Our durable imaging drum delivers up to 600,000 pages on printers.
  • Printer running costs are up to 39% less expensive than comparative competitor models*.
  • Less parts generally means greater reliability. Our simplified, high-yield toner system means you only replace the toner cartridge which results in less waste and reduced costs.

DID YOU KNOW? You could reduce your Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) of your print fleet by up to 39% simply by switching to KYOCERA?


Over 60 products and software solutions

KYOCERA offers one of the most extensive ranges of document imaging and document management solutions in the market today. With 42 single-and multi-function printers, 19 multi-functional devices and numerous software options, we can create a solution no matter what the need, size or application.

Saving the environment and natures resources

KYOCERA, as a global organisation implemented green policies over 30 years ago, long before it became fashionable. Today, our commitment includes partnering with: 


‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’ and ‘Close The Loop’

Since joining the program in May 2012, KYOCERA and its customers have been responsible for keeping just under 150,000 kg of toner cartridges and other consumables out of landfill.

Clean Up Australia

By supporting Clean Up Australia, KYOCERA has been helping to create a cleaner Australia for over 15 years.

Rainforest Rescue

KYOCERA is partnering with Rainforest Rescue, supporting the regeneration of Daintree properties at threat and zoned for development and protecting critical and declining Buff-Breasted Paradise-Kingfisher habitat in the Daintree.


  • KYOCERA’s inks are biodegradable and produced from vegetable and soy dyes.
  • Our packaging is foam free, and is constructed from biodegradable cardboard.
  • Our advanced range of product components are nearly all fully recyclable.