Small Office/Home Office Photocopier Solutions

We provide businesses with easy photocopier leasing solutions that grow with your business. Our hassle-free upgrades and flexible contracts allow you to stay ahead of the curve without straining your budget.


Small Office & Home Office Printing


Who's it for?

  • Busy professionals who value efficiency and convenience.
  • Entrepreneurs & startups who need the ability to grow while staying affordable.

Why Metrocopiers

At Metrocopiers, we understand that running a small office or a home office comes with unique challenges. That's why we offer dedicated photocopier lease packages designed specifically for your needs.

Hassle-Free Printing Experience

Say goodbye to printer woes and hello to increased productivity. Our small office/home office package ensures you get a brand-new, state-of-the-art photocopier right at your workspace.

What's more? We take care of all the running and maintenance of the photocopier so you can focus on what matters most - your work!

Small office home office printer

Small Office / Home Office Print Package

Opt for a fully managed print package tailored specifically for small offices or home offices. Let us take the reins of your printing management, allowing you to concentrate on what's truly important - your clients and business growth.

With Metrocopiers, you're not merely leasing a printer; you're forming a partnership with a service provider that genuinely comprehends and caters to the unique needs of smaller businesses.

  • A3 TaskAlfa 2554ci Photocopier.
  • WiFi card so only power cable needed.
  • 2000 Black & white page pm.
  • 300 Colour Pages pm.

At just $242 per month (ex GST) delivered to your door!  

All copiers come with...

  • 60-month plans.
  • Brand new printers.
  • Free delivery.
  • Full onsite tech support (at no additional cost)
  • All toner costs including delivery included.

 If this plan doesn't suit your needs perfectly, visit our Build My Copier page or get in touch with us below so we can design a customised plan just for you!"

Don't let printer issues slow down your workflow anymore!

Choose Metrocopiers' Small Office/Home Office package and enjoy a stress-free printing experience. Fill out the form to register your interest and get a call back from our team.

Start your hassle-free photocopier experience now!

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Get More of Everything But Hassles

  • Costs are controlled and can be budgeted for without fear of costly repairs & call-outs.
  • We will have a manufacturer engineer onsite within 4 hours in case of an outage, and often much faster.
  • Our printers and photocopiers are ALL best in class for reliability, with long-life components.
  • And since we take care of maintenance like toner, you can empty out your toner & ink cupboard and use it for something more interesting!

Managed Print Service

Our plans come with a Managed Print Service included in the cost. No need to worry about toner supplies - our printers automatically order new toner when needed and deliver it directly to your location before you even know you need it!

Prompt Support

Should anything go wrong with your printer, rest assured knowing that we've got you covered. With our plan, all support requirements are included. We can have an engineer at your location within 2-4 working hours.

All Inclusive Costs

With our Small Office Package priced from just $199 per month (plus GST), which includes 2000 B+W pages per month, you don't have to worry about any hidden costs. All equipment, replacement parts, and even toner are covered in the plan. Just buy the paper and print!