Fast Delivery

You need a printer fast, we can do that!

We know how important a printer can be to a busy office and we won't be the ones delaying your printing! From your order to being processed to your printer delivery being arranged will be no more than a few days!

The quickest printer delivery in town!


Place your order, we will finalise all the paperwork and we will be touch to arrange your printer delivery within just a few days!


Our qualified technicians will schedule a delivery time within just 2 working days of your paperwork being finalised- no need to wait for ages to be able to use your new copier!

Your new printer will be installed in your chosen place, set up and tested, and ensured everything is working correctly and we will make sure you are happy and comfortable with using it before you get started.

Let us know when you place your order, how you will be using the printer, and what functionality you need and the technicians will be able to help you with it all when they arrive!


No Hassle Policy - Definitely No Sales!

Our no-hassle policy makes everything easy for you. We don't relentlessly hound you until you "buy or die". Make your own mind up and buy when you are ready!


100% Online Ordering with Upfront Pricing

Take advantage of our simple online ordering and upfront pricing. Find everything you need on our website and choose "Build my Order" when you are ready!


Unbeatable Technical Support

Literally unbeatable! Should you need a repair the manufacturer's own engineers will be onsite within 2-4 hours! (nope, that's NOT a typo).