Why Lease a Copier?

Leasing a copier has many advantages over buying. You can save money, increase productivity and remove the 'hassle factor'!


Managed Print Service (MPS)

We've got you covered! We don't just provide you with the best printers on the market, included in all our plans is also everything you need to keep your printer running and deliver you stress-free printing.


Unbeatable Technical Support

Literally unbeatable! Should you need a repair the manufacturer's own engineers will be onsite within 2 hours! (nope, that's NOT a typo). 

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Why Metro Copiers?

To put it simply, we give you a better way to run a photocopier for your business. We provide you with a cutting-edge copier with easy-to-understand options and plans, and clear, upfront pricing.


Why Kyocera?

Not all printers are created equal and we believe that Kyocera is the best of them all. Find out more about why we think this.