Smarter Working Made Simple

Smarter Working Made Simple

In today’s business world, it’s work smarter or step aside.

Business environments are changing, and customers’ habits are evolving. Rather than a survival-first approach, business leaders wishing to build sustainable success need to look at future-proofing their organisation.

Remote and hybrid working have taken centre stage and the importance of a robust and agile organisational framework has quickly become evident.

The solutions that served us well yesterday in terms of document solutions and data security have been exposed during a period of unprecedented disruption, mobility, and uncertainty.

That’s why, at Kyocera, we have risen to the challenge and delivered the answers to today’s conundrums such as productivity, security, and paper-less workspaces to name but a few.

Customers will continue to demand more – be it quality, quantity, cost-effectiveness, or a more personalised service. To deliver more, you need the best tools, tools that deliver the same professional quality day after day – tools that last the test of time.

Your needs as a business continue to change. There are more devices than ever connecting to your shared databases. Remote working is here to stay, and employees must be given the tools to print, scan, and share documents quickly and securely regardless of where they work. The volume of new, malicious cyberthreats skyrocketed in 2020 and a security rethink is needed across the board.

We present to you two brand-new revamped A3 print devices: the TASKalfa 2554ci and TASKalfa 3554ci. Updates on the TASKalfa 2553ci and TASKalfa 3253ci, this new pairing combines reliability and professional quality to digitise your workflows and elevate productivity to new heights with enhanced security and so much more.

You asked. We answered.

Now let’s get to work.

Be it phones or tablets, smart televisions or PCs, ease of use is now a non-negotiable. Why should your printer be any different? Why persist any longer with machines that add pains to already pressured days?
Every frustrating minute spent toggling through confusing icons while trying to print and scan a simple  document is time lost. Time that could and should be dedicated to adding value to your business.
Equipped with a 10.1-inch resistive display, the new series boasts an intuitive and easy-to-use, full-colour touch panel, while offering fast and simple access to a wide range of document management functions including HyPAS applications. Meanwhile, hardware keys are minimised, and users enjoy a seamless transition between the user interfaces while using the tablet-like display.
An upgrade on the hugely popular TASKalfa 3253ci, the new TASKalfa 3554ci combines a simple, slick and fresh design with gesture-based operations. With a clear emphasis on important information and easy to understand icons, users enjoy pain-free visits to the printer.
Less confusion means less errors when printing and scanning documents, and this has a direct, positive impact on employee productivity and user experience.

Why add needless complications to your workflows? With the TASKalfa 3554ci you get a quick and easy fix to a problem that is holding companies back from growing to the next level.
Not only is it the smart choice but your team will
thank you for it.

The New Standard of Security

Cyberthreats soar during periods of disruption.
Today is no different.
The number of locations and devices connecting to shared databases and devices has increased  drastically, while the transition to cloud-based servers continues to produce its own challenges.
Are you happy to leave the fate of your valuable documents and data to chance? With the TASKalfa 3554ci series, you don’t have to run the risk.
By focusing on the fundamental elements of security, we have delivered an A3 MFP that will prove itself as a vital cog within your overall security framework.
Hackers are all too aware that an organisation’s security is only as strong as its weakest link. All it takes is for one gap to emerge from the chaos that the transition to remote and hybrid working has presented.
After in-depth research, IDC’s 2019–2020 Vendor Assessment report concludes that a majority of organisations place a notable difference on the level of importance associated with IT security compared with print and document security – they do so at their peril.

The following are just some of the standout security features of the TASKalfa 3554ci series:

Secure/Multipurpose Internet

Mail Extensions (S/MIME)
With Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/ MIME), users can encrypt and digitally sign emails. Emails are encrypted using the recipient’s public key while the recipient needs to use a private key to read the message.
If you digitally sign the message, the recipient will also know that the message is both authentic and unaltered.
These steps not only reduce the risk of data breaches, but they also ensure you avoid possible sanctions and costly reputational damage.
Automatic update certification (SCEP) This major improvement allows the MFP to retrieve certificates from the Certification Authority
(CA) automatically.
This process has been simplified and now requires minimal effort and input from administrators. Once initiated, tasks run automatically, and all communication is carried out without administrator interaction. Moreover, automated retrieval of official certificates allows your IT department to focus on other important IT security matters, saving valuable time while significantly reducing IT costs.
Online Certificate Status Protocol/Certificate Revocation (OCSP/CRL) Users can now verify the certification validity for encrypted communication by using OCSP/CRL settings.
Furthermore, you enjoy greater protection in the event that a certificate has been revoked. Having to check certs is a time consuming and labour-intensive job – with OCSP/ CRL this becomes a thing of the past because of the new devices’ ability to carry out this check directly with certification authority. Such automated checks free up your IT team to focus on more pressing matters.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

SIEM is the security log management function that enables a central point of information monitoring. Specialiced software can allow you to visualise how the device is operated, while enabling you to detect unauthorised activities. The audit log records user-specific data relating to print jobs and devices before transmitting this data to the outside server. This allows you to easily manage security event logs from the server side.

By using real-time data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence enables devices to flag suspicious or unusual behaviour while notifying the administrator.
Support TLS version 1.3
With Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.3, the TASKalfa 2554ci and TASKalfa 3554ci give users the most up-to-date encryption protocol in the industry for optimal communication security.
With version 1.3, digital signatures are required even if a previous-known configuration is used, while new digital signature algorithms ensure your data receives the best protection. The usage of a session hash has been introduced and extra support has been added for sending multiple OCSP responses.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has brought improvements to many aspects of our lives and has already added a new dimension to the information management industry. Frustrating printer downtime continues to be the Achilles heel of many organisations across all industries.
Therefore, the potential for devices to self-diagnose, predict behaviours, and address potential issues before they happen is invaluable. AI helps free up precious resources such as time, manpower, and finances, thus allowing you to deliver greater value to your customers.
Besides increased uptime, AI gives businesses the platform and means to work smarter and become more efficient.

With Kyocera’s new line of A3 devices, AI functions have been integrated to improve performance while enabling new capabilities to be added throughout its lifecycle so that you enjoy the best possible MFP devices at all times.
And if that wasn’t enough, customers can enjoy continuous AI features updates when available to ensure consistently great performance.

Here’s how Kyocera has used AI to elevate your printing to a whole new level:

Enhanced user experience and improved productivity

When scanning, you can now emphasise the handwritten part of the document without changing the format or image. This is a particularly useful function for proofreading documents, questionnaires, documents, drawings, etc. where thin lines and small characters are common. It’s also possible to overwrite handwritten characters and lines on the document, using a white filler to make them invisible.

Superior image quality

With the new AI functionalities, there’s no need to invest extra time and effort to improve low resolution images. The KX printer driver supports the ‘Super Resolution’ function that compares images with information in an internal image library, identifying and converting lowresolution images to professional quality. Not only do you get fantastic quality, you also spend less time making manual changes.

It’s time to make an impact with your output!

In a nutshell, artificial intelligence is fundamentally changing how we work. Automation takes away the heavy lifting and reduces the time we dedicate to manual, repetitive tasks.
It allows us to work smarter and more efficiently so that we can concentrate on creating new value streams for our customers.

With Kyocera, you get the best of both worlds: top-class hardware working together with the latest AI for real business gains.


At Kyocera, we are committed to doing the right thing as a human being. We work hand in hand with our customers and partners so that they get the solutions they need while we collectively reduce our overall carbon footprint.

The new TASKalfa 3554ci series marks another important step in this strategy. Equipped with ARM A53 (Quad Core) 1.6GHz CPU’s
to improve overall performance, the new series has seen a significant Typical Energy Consumption (TEC) value reduction for the TASKalfa 2554ci compared to its predecessor, while the TASKalfa 3554ci has maintained the same Energy Star 3.0 value while increasing machine speed to 35 ppm.

Energy consumption during sleep mode has been significantly reduced from 0.7W to 0.5W for both devices. Not only does this help boost your eco-credentials, you also save on your energy bills!

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