Printer Offer for Flood Affected Areas

I’m sure like many of us, we have all been looking at the devastation that has happened in our towns in South East Queensland and Northern NSW.. Now the rain has stopped falling, we are seeing the people left to pick up the pieces of their homes and businesses and try and start moving forwards.

As a business with our head office based on the Gold Coast, the floods and damage are on our doorstep. Whilst we are grateful that we are relatively unaffected, some of our friends and families haven’t been so lucky.

We’ve been looking at areas where we can offer support past the initial clean-up sessions, and where we can help businesses get back on the go again and back to a semblance of normality. Whilst for some people it might not feel like the highest priority, getting a printer in your office is just one more step in the right direction.

Borrow a printer for free

We would like to offer the use of one of our brand new Brother desktop printers FOR FREE, for up to 4 weeks. We have a limited number of these that we can bring to you ( Gold Coast or Northern NSW area) and leave with you to get you going again. After the 4 weeks, you can return it to us, buy it outright from us, or upgrade to a better model.

Managed Print Plans

As an additional offer, if your office is in a flood-affected postcode (not necessarily directly affected) we would like to offer 100% cash-back on your first month of a printer lease. Have a look through our plans and place your order online, we will then look after thing from there!


The fineprint

  1. You must be a business
  2. You must be in a flood-affected area
  3. We will send the machines with toner & drum and ready to go
  4. We will then discount any ongoing consumables
  5. The loan printer will be free to you for 4 weeks. At which point, you can either
      • return the machine to us,
      • buy the machine from us at a discounted price or
      • upgrade the machine to a higher spec model


Jo Metrocopiers

Jo Lidster

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